Dr. Amir SHISHI: Le halal ! Quels enjeux pour les consommateurs musulmans ? partie 1/2/3 (Arabic)

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The Halal Authority Board (HAB) hosted a conference on 22nd February 2014, with delegates from around the UK , representing halal certification bodies, businesses, Muslim organisations, Mosques and Islamic scholars.  A motion stating that machine slaughtering is haram and not acceptable to UK Muslims was formally adopted and signed.

An explanation from Islamic law was provided as to why such a process is haram, as per the consensus (Ijma) already approved by HAB board of scholars back in June 2012.  A video was shown of poultry being machine killed, where there was no pronouncement of Allah’s name.  Only a sign stating ‘halal’ above the slaughtering machines along with Allah’s name, depicted the deception and fraud that can and does occur in this process.  The joint declaration is as below:

“We, the undersigned, formally declare that the slaughter of animals by mechanical means, (including sacred blade) is not permissible and considered haram (forbidden) for Muslims.”

From 3rd March 2014 there will be no credible halal certification body in the UK that will certify machine slaughtered poultry.  This effectively means that 1.8 million machine slaughtered poultry every week (around 40% of ‘halal’ chickens), will be taken out of the UK halal food chain and can no longer be labelled as halal.  Muslim consumers are advised to be diligent to ensure that they only buy meat & poultry from credible UK halal certification bodies.

This also represents a great opportunity for the UK halal industry abroad, in a global halal market that is worth at least £350 billion per annum.

Representatives came from Holland, Birmingham, London, Watford, Leicester, Nuneaton, Bradford, Manchester, Peterborough and Nottingham to participate and sign the Joint Declaration.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Neda Tayyab
General Administrator

Halal Authority Board
e: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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